Zenfolio | David Ngo Photography | Riverview Park, Winter, 2016
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Snow-Covered Basketball Court and Baseball Diamond, Tillsdown ParkInto the Snowy Credit ValleySnow Prints on the Culham Trail, Riverview ParkGrove of Ash, Birch, and Pine in Winter, Riverview ParkMelted Snow Patch on the Culham TrailWeeping Tree in SnowAlong the Snowy Banks of the Credit RiverSnow-Covered Culham Trail Bridge, West EntranceFallen Fence Opens Path UpAsh Tree Emerges from ConcreteSnowprints and Trees Along the Culham TrailDead, Fallen Tree Trunk and Trampled SnowSnow-Covered and Tree-Lined Culham TrailBending BirchesStaghorn Sumac in Snow IStaghorn Sumac in Snow IIStaghorn Sumac in Snow III